12 Jun 2014 London (United Kingdom)

New London Microbiome Meeting 2015

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Next London Microbiome Meeting

on the 28th May at St. Thomas' Hospital at 3:30pm



The Department Twin Research  welcomes you to the first London Microbiome Meeting on 12th June 2014 at the Prideaux Lecture Theatre, St Thomas’ Hospital, commencing at 16:00.

This event aims to create a forum to share research that explores the field of the human microbiome providing a broad overview to both research and methodology. This is an amazing opportunity to develop a microbiome network between various research groups and institutions undertaking this work. The aim is to make this a regular annual meeting. 

Following the meeting there will be an opportunity to network with other scientists and researchers.


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 Upcoming Events

We want to encourage the sharing of information between researchers within the microbiome field. If you want to get involved, join this network to share upcoming events and opportunities within the microbiome field.

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Confirmed Speakers

We are proud to have five microbiome experts presenting at this event: 

Dr Marc-Emmanuel Dumas - Imperial College
An expert in microbiome-metabolomics analyses, who is now working to develop the concept of microbiome-wide metabolome-wide association studies.

Professor William Wade - Queen Mary University
Expert on the oral microbiome and its implications in health and disease.

Professor Kevin Whelan - King’s College London
Dietetics Professor researching the role of probiotics and prebiotics on human gut health as well as the effect of dietary manipulation on the gut microbiota.

Dan Staines - EBI
Expert on Ensembl Bacteria, a database of over 9000 annotated bacterial and archaea genomes.

Professor Dusko Ehrlich - King’s College London
As the Director of the newly announced host-microbiome centre at the Dental Institute, King's College London, Professor Ehrlich is at the forefront of microbiome research. 


Short Talks


Samantha Stone, Reading  University

Junior Researcher speaking about her work on salivary mucin degradation by oral bacteria.


Catherine MacDonald, Aberdeen University

Junior Researcher speaking about her work assessing microbial gut communities: Antibiotic disruption of the microbiota to identify impact of key bacterial species.




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